We are studying Zechariah and Revelation at the Fleetwood church of Christ in Houston, Texas each Sunday morning at 9 AM. Our first lesson on Zechariah was on Sunday, July 9, 2017. Audio copies of the lessons along with class handouts will be posted to this page each week. Please join us!

Zechariah Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 1 Handout
Lesson 1 Audio


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Ezra and Esther

Looking for lessons on Ezra and Esther? Click here for 28 lessons with audio.


Our lessons on Revelation will begin after our class on Zechariah. Can this old coin help us understand the book of Revelation? Yes! Come to class and find out how.

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Zechariah Lesson 2: Introduction - 1:6

Lesson 2 Handout
Lesson 2 Audio

Zechariah Lesson 3: 1:7 - 2:2

Lesson 3 Audio

Zechariah Lesson 4: 2:3 - 3:4

Lesson 4 Audio

Zechariah Lesson 5: 3:5 - 4:5

Lesson 5 Audio

Zechariah Lesson 6: 4:6-14

Lesson 6 Audio

Zechariah Lesson 7: 5:1-11

Lesson 7 Audio

God's Plan of Salvation

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